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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

No, they're not removing rail lines for Atlantic Yards

The criticism of Atlantic Yards has stretched far and wide enough to get garbled along the way. Note this discussion with James Howard Kunstler and Nikos Salingaros, published in the City of the Future blog and in EnergyBulletin.

(The Atlantic Yards reference was among the sections cut in the interview as published in the magazine The Next American City. Photo by Tracy Collins.)

Salingaros states:
In New York now there’s a new project, the Atlantic Yards project, where a world famous architect is proposing to tear up all the rail lines, and they’re going to do that, and someone is going to make billions of dollars. And in 30 years, people will say, “My God! We had rail lines here! They were entering New York City! Now we can’t possibly afford to put rail lines in. Where are we going to put them? We have to put them on the water.” Catastrophic short-sightedness to dig up existing rail lines.

Actually, the rail lines servicing Brooklyn's Atlantic Terminal remain unscathed. The project would relocate the railyard used to store and service the trains.