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So, would Brooklyn be 2010 or 2011?

A New York Times sports section article on Saturday, headlined By Adding Yi, Nets Hope to Expand Their Market, offered that not-so-credible 2010 date for the Nets' assumed Brooklyn move:
With sizeable Chinese communities in North Jersey and Brooklyn, where the Nets are scheduled to begin playing in 2010, Yi could be the Nets’ marketing answer to the Houston Rockets’ Yao Ming.

Yesterday, a Boston Globe article headlned His next stop, Brooklyn? gave a more realistic date:
While the struggling Knicks are New York City's longtime franchise, the Nets will get a piece of the Big Apple by moving to Brooklyn, probably in 2011. But in two years, don't be surprised if Jay-Z helps bring his buddy James to a franchise that will be attractive to play for by then.

I think 2011 is a more likely best-case scenario. Remember, the Nets are promising only "calendar year 2010," which might just be New Year's Eve.