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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

"The Battle for the World's Skyline" sounded better in the original German's Felix Salmon points to a Business Week article--well, an article on the magazine's web site--called The Battle for the World's Skyline, which is translated from and apparently written from a German perspective.

Salmon observes:
And it would be very hard indeed to find many New Yorkers who agree with the Business Week article that the scaling-back of Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn is "a tough blow for New York". (I suspect the authors will have lost most Brooklynites when they describe the area as "an industrial wasteland".)

Rather than try to build on that critique, I'll just translate the passage about AY from English back to German, then back to English, courtesy of Babelfish.


Yet another of Gehry's urban improvement ventures has run into difficulties. Gehry was commissioned to transform an industrial wasteland in Brooklyn into a mixed-use architectural pearl. The price tag of the Atlantic Yards project — which New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg praised as a "colossal achievement of one of the world's leading architects" — was $4 billion (€2.6 billion). But demand has been unsatisfactory, and Gehry was forced to reduce the size of the largest tower in the complex. According to the developers, construction of several of the planned buildings will be placed on hold.

It's a tough blow for New York. For real estate aficionados, it remains the "ultimate 24-hour American city," a place that attracts the global elite. But it takes some effort and a constant series of facelifts to keep it that way. Where else but in New York is there so must distaste for any form of inertia?


Noch eins von Gehry' s-hat städtische Verbesserungsrisiken in Schwierigkeiten gegeraten. Gehry wurde in Auftrag gegeben, um ein industrielles Ödland in Brooklyn in umzuwandeln Misch-verwenden Architekturperle. Der Preis der atlantischen Yards projektieren - die New- Yorkbürgermeister Michael Bloomberg als " pries; kolossale Ausführung von einer des world' s führendes architects" - war $4 Milliarde (€2.6 Milliarde). Aber Nachfrage ist unbefriedigend gewesen, und Gehry wurde gezwungen, um die Größe des größten Aufsatzes im Komplex zu verringern. Entsprechend den Entwicklern wird Aufbau von mehreren der geplanten Gebäude auf Einfluss gesetzt. It' starker Schlag S.-A. für New York. Für Immobilienanhänger bleibt es das " entscheidende 24-stündige amerikanische Stadt, " ein Platz, der die globale Auslese anzieht. Aber er nimmt etwas Bemühung und eine konstante Reihe facelifts, sie zu halten so. Wo sonst aber in New York gibt es muss so Widerwille für irgendeine Form der Schwungkraft?

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Still one of Gehry' s-has urban improvement risks in difficulties gegeraten. Gehry was given in order, around an industrial wasteland into Brooklyn in to convert mixture using architecture bead. The price of the Atlantic yards project engineering - which " new Yorkbürgermeister Michael Bloomberg as; praised; kolossale execution of the world' s prominent architects" - was $4 billion (€2.6 billion). But demand was unsatisfactory, and Gehry was forced, in order to reduce the size of the largest essay in the complex. According to the developers structure is set of several of the planned buildings on influence. It' strong impact S. - A. for New York. For real estate supporters it remains " crucial 24-stündige American city, " a place, which tightens the global selection. But it takes something effort and a constant row facelifts to hold it so. Where otherwise however in New York give does it must in such a way aversion for any form of the Schwungkraft?