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From Assembly Speaker Silver, non-candid candor on the arena

Mel Weiss of the Lilith Blog reports on an event at the Eldridge Street Synagogue, where Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who represents the area, dropped in:
I daydreamed through much of Speaker Silver’s talk, enjoying the architecture but a bit put off by all the nostalgia, until I heard a brave question from a random audience member: “Is the arena going to be built?” The question, referring to the Atlantic Yards debacle, was said in a defiant tone, and Speaker Silver hurriedly gave a non-answer and left.

Silver is a notoriously careful speaker, and his non-answer may not have represented his real feelings or expectations. Moreover, Forest City Ratner's gift of $58,420 to Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee's Housekeeping account should trigger even more caution.

Still, in comparison to Bruce Ratner's facts-be-damned project timetable and faux nonchalance regarding arena funding, Silver's non-answer was, essentially, more candid. Even though a betting person would have to go with the big money, we just don't know right now.