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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Coverage of and responses to columnist Errol Louis

3/11/10: Daily News columnist Louis admits qualms about project benefits, still blames opponents, ignores transparency issues, supports governance entity

5/28/09: Errol Louis blames AY foes, reveals that Ratner wants to pay MTA just $20 million at first

9/18/08: At state Senate hearing, calls for reform of state eminent domain laws, notably blight

4/10/08: Errol Louis and the "Atlantic Yards pork pool"

3/23/08: Daily News columnists Louis, Daly lament AY setbacks, blame NIMBYs, avoid facts

12/27/07: Clear enough? Misreading the Extell interview regarding Atlantic Yards

12/6/07: Would AY arena be more like Newark or MSG? Brian Lehrer Show raises the issue

12/5/07: Panel on "oversuccess" raises questions about community review, CBAs, gentrification, and AY

10/27/07: Errol Louis suggests AY poll results represent democracy

10/7/07: Deconstructing 'Death throes for arena foes'

9/24/07: The departing "middle-class" and AY affordable housing

8/24/07: Errol Louis denounces jock spousal abuse, but where's JKidd?

8/18/07: Again, Errol Louis misses the point regarding the Downtown Brooklyn rezoning

8/17/07: On the radio, a question about terrorism & AY

7/9/07: Errol Louis gloats about AY eminent domain case, but take another look

6/1/07: The unexpected housing boom in Downtown Brooklyn, some curious statistics, and an Errol Louis misreading

2/25/07: Errol Louis on AY negotiation, but not the 20-year affordable housing plan

12/22/06: The Errol Louis wrap-up: an all-star collection of misreadings

10/17/06: "Brutally weird": Errol Louis on CBGB, AY, and the homeless

10/1/06: Two views of Brooklyn Speaks: middle ground or "same stale agenda"?

9/21/06: Getting our money’s worth with Atlantic Yards? Few care, and here’s why

8/5/06: Errol Louis: a defense of MetroTech, weak math, and the walls of the ghetto

8/4/06: Errol Louis, negotiation, and the CBs' lost dialogue

8/2/06: Errol Louis: AY site = railyard + junkyard (Voice: nope)

7/18/06: Reality warp: Errol Louis, Daily News praise AY housing info session

7/5/06: Columnist Louis resorts to name-calling, still bypasses facts

6/21/06: What's missing? Columnist Louis still sloppy on jobs, the CBA, and AY rhetoric

6/3/06: Follow Errol Louis's logic, halve Atlantic Yards density

5/30/06: What CBA? Gaps in Errol Louis's column about AY supporters

5/6/06: Errol Louis stays on course, careless with facts

4/22/06: Jobs at Ratner's malls: far fewer than originally predicted

4/21/06: Systemic changes? Ratner's CBA-compliant architect is already building Downtown Brooklyn towers

1/5/06: Errol Louis responds to "smear," but still fudges the issue

1/5/06: "I get mine and they get theirs": hard truths on development deals from playwright August Wilson

12/21/05: Errol Louis on black leadership: should Roger Green be the model?

11/17/05: Dispiriting debates: false premises (on eminent domain) and half-loaves (regarding the CBA)