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Stuckey's stonewall re CBs: another detail

In an article headlined Community boards to Ratner: Stop your fibbin’, the Brooklyn Papers adds an important detail to the story on the complaint by three Community Boards that the developer has misrepresented their participation in "crafting" the Community Benefits Agreement.

The detail: The response by Forest City Ratner VP Jim Stuckey came in a statement, not an interview. In other words, Stuckey chose to dance around the question, with no opportunity to follow up.

The Brooklyn Papers reported:
While the community boards were legally prevented from being official parties [to] the CBA given their governmental responsibilities, they did play a role in the process,” he said in a statement.
“The question here is not a newsletter that talks about an important program, but rather the very real benefits, including jobs and housing, for nearby residents.”
Stuckey didn’t say whether future mailings will be amended to reflect the community boards’ concern.

Stuckey turned the issue to the benefits claimed. That's called Changing the Subject, Tactic #4 in the Joe DePlasco handbook.

And then he Stonewalled, Tactic #5.

Remember, last November Stuckey told the New York Times: "[W]e are opening ourselves up - tremendous transparency, for two years."

At least the Brooklyn Papers, unlike the Courier-Life chain in its previous report, let us know that Stuckey wouldn't commit to editing FCR's deceptive claim.