Saturday, March 03, 2012

Forest City messages: new "No Parking" on Pacific to allow Carlton Avenue Bridge work, "Dear Interested Party" re food vendors

Yesterday, some Brooklynites got not one but two messages from Forest City Ratner/Atlantic Yards. The first, a reprise of the "Dear Neighbor" message sent to a select few regarding the potential recruitment of Brooklyn-based food vendors, was addressed to "Dear Interested Party."

No Parking on part of Pacific

The second was this:
This serves as notice as stipulated in DOT Permit #B022012058055 that effective Monday March 5, 2012 there will be No Parking on the north side of Pacific Street from the intersection of Carlton Avenue to approximately 100 feet west of the intersection. Temporary constuction parking regulation signs will be posted to establish this no parking zone. The no parking zone is being established to allow for the reconstruction of the Carlton Avenue Bridge.
A copy of the general notice can be found here.

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