Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bertha Lewis, described simply as "housing advocate," disses Goldstein; Times ignores ACORN bailout

From the New York Times's front-page article, $3 Million Deal Ends a Holdout in Brooklyn:
Bertha Lewis, a housing advocate who supported the project, bid Mr. Goldstein “good riddance.”
“Low- and moderate-income people had to wait years for housing while he obstructed the Atlantic Yards project,” she said.
Hold on. Affordable housing depends on subsidies, not this project; that's why the Development Agreement, which the Times has chosen to ignore, offers the option to cite an Affordable Housing Subsidy Unavailability.

And since when is Bertha Lewis merely a "housing advocate"? She represented ACORN when it signed the Affordable Housing Memorandum of Understanding with Forest City Ratner. And FCR later bailed out ACORN with a $1.5 million grant/loan.

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  1. Also, it's not like Ratner couldn't build housing on any number of the vacant lots he's owned for years. And, if his priority were affordable housing, he could be building that first.