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WNBA's New York Liberty start their season tomorrow; while SeatGeek's logo appears on Barclays Center website, tickets link goes to Ticketmaster

The WNBA's New York Liberty "superteam" makes their home debut tomorrow at the Barclays Center. 

Note, as shown below in the screenshots, that the team, not surprisingly, charges higher prices for the first game compared to the second. It's a little hard to compare the platforms, the cheapest tickets all cost more than $32, which, while perhaps a bargain compared to the NBA's Brooklyn Nets, can be challenging for families.

Also note that, while in neither game is the team selling tickets in the Upper Bowl, surely based on past demand, for the first game a few more sections in the arena's midsection are open.

Despite the website claim that events are presented by (on the way out) ticketing partner SeatGeek, the arena's official link takes you to (incoming) partner Ticketmaster.

Which may not be where the best-value seats are located, given that, as far as I can tell, Ticketmaster charges more fees than some rivals. Consider, Tickemaster acknowledges that ticket fees "can include a service fee, order processing fee and sometimes a delivery fee."

But the Barclays Center returned to Ticketmaster because--take your pick--it had some tech problems with StubHub or Ticketmaster's connections to promote concerts meant the arena had to compromise.

In the case of Liberty games, Ticketmaster is adding a $7.50 processing fee on top of service fees. SeatGeek chages service and delivery fees. TickPick, which promises a BestPrice Guarantee for resale tickets, charges no fees. Resale-focused StubHub charges fees, though it's unclear whether there are any additional fees at checkout. 

In all cases below, the screenshots show prices plus fees, though not Ticketmaster's acknowledgement of that processing fee.