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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Photos from Atlantic Yards tower (Sixth Ave./Pacific St.) show changing skyline in Downtown Brooklyn, with Site 5 in foreground

Photos/Norman Oder
Last December 8, I shot photos from the 27th floor terrace of 272-foot 662 Pacific Street (B15, aka Plank Road), near Sixth Avenue.

That location, just east of the arena block,offered some fascinating views (below) of both Downtown Brooklyn to the northwest, and portions of the nearby Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park site.

So the photo at right, showing part of the Barclays Center's not-so-green roof, with pieces of 38 Sixth Ave. (B3) and 18 Sixth Ave. (B4, aka Brooklyn Crossing), hardly tells the full story of the massive amount of recent development.

Rather, as shown in the photo at left, there's an array of new towers, completed or under construction, with more to come, dwarfing the 512-foot Williamsburgh Savings Bank tower, long Brooklyn's tallest building.

Most notable is Brooklyn's first "supertall," 1,066 feet. 

Many of these views might be blocked had the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park developer constructed  "Miss Brooklyn" (aka B1), the flagship tower once slated to loom over the arena.

As to future towers, behind the under-construction 100 Flatbush, in the foreground in the photo at left, will be far larger tower in what's now known as The Alloy Block.

And, of course, there are big plans--some 50% larger than The Alloy Block--for Site 5, longtime home to the big-box stores P.C. Richard and Modell's, as seen in the photo above right, and also below. That requires the state to approve a transfer of bulk from "Miss Brooklyn."

Tomorrow, I'll post photos of the remainder of the the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park site to the near-north and near-east, plus the area proposed for rezoning--and already home to approved spot rezonings--east of Vanderbilt Avenue near Atlantic Avenue.

Flashback, 2005

The current views are vastly different from the slide below, from helicopter perspective, presented at a 5/26/05 City Council hearing. You can see the tower over the Atlantic Terminal mall, the Williamsburgh Bank building, MetroTech, and the early 20th-century skyline around Court Street, but that's about it. None of Atlantic Yards had been built yet.

From 5/26/05 Forest City Ratner presentation. Site 5 annotation added.

Looking west

The Downtown Brooklyn skyline below shows, in the foreground, the Bank of New York tower over the Atlantic Terminal mall, the venerable Williamsburg Savings Bank (aka One Hanson), and the under-construction 100 Flatbush Avenue, the first of two towers  in the Alloy Block, formerly known as 80 Flatbush.

The second Alloy Block tower will be far larger than the 512-foot bank, rising 840 feet, though that will still trail the 1,066-foot "supertall" 9 DeKalb, aka the Brooklyn Tower, next to the landmarked Dime Savings Bank.

A wider perspective, below.

Below, a view looking west down Atlantic Avenue, with Site 5, longtime home to Modell's and P.C. Richard, in the foreground at left. A two-tower complex, rising perhaps 800 feet, has since 2016 been proposed for the site, but nothing has moved forward.

A tighter view with, from left, 11 Hoyt (626 feet) and The Hub (611 feet) behind the under-construction 100 Flatbush, and Brooklyn Point (720 feet) immediately flanking the "supertall."

Below, a view of Downtown Brooklyn that captures part of the 511-foot 18 Sixth Ave. (aka Brooklyn Crossing) tower in the foreground at right.