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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

The advisory Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation is supposed to meet quarterly. It last met in June. Nothing's scheduled.

Not only is the next Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Quality of Life meeting not scheduled for Nov. 15 as announced (and thus likely postponed), the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC) is also way behind schedule.

Two months ago, at the previous Quality of Life meeting, Empire State Development's Tobi Jaiyesimi said the next meeting of the AY CDC-- the mostly toothless body (in my estimate) that is supposed to advise ESD--was being planned. 

It's supposed to meet quarterly and had most recently met in June.

It has not met the promised schedule. It met in December 2021 for the first time in nearly nine months, and then met--more or less on schedule--in March and June of this year.

The typical reason for cited delays is the logistical difficulty of ensuring a quorum, and yesterday AY CDC board member Gib Veconi confirmed that.

Strategic delay?

AY CDC meetings have been scheduled, with very little notice, to ensure that the gubernatorially dominated body delivers an "advisory" vote that endorses the developer's plans and thus can be cited by a vote by the gubernatorially dominated parent Empire State Development (ESD).

So, beyond the quorum issue, there may be--at least in the future--other reasons for oddly time scheduling.

It's not implausible that they're waiting for master developer Greenland Forest City Partners to finally announce its plan to get state approval to transfer the bulk of the unbuilt B1 tower (aka "Miss Brooklyn"), planned to loom over the arena (but replace by the plaza), across Flatbush Avenue to create an even larger than approved tower at Site 5, longtime home to Modell's and P.C. Richard.

Alternatively, that plan is not ready, but ESD and Greenland are wary of a forum where they could be asked, even in the most gentle way, about the failure to start the platform--key to the first three towers over the Vanderbilt Yard--or the B5 tower.

Or they could be asked about how they'll meet--or evade/extend--the requirment to deliver at least 876 more affordable units (fulfilling the required 2,250) by May 2025, subject to $2,000/month fines for each missing unit. That deadline, of course, is impossible to meet, and a Greenland rep in June hinted that they'd ask for an extension or accommodation.