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Barclays Center still advertising many job openings; modest pay increase for food service; vaccination "may" be required (?)

A little more than a year ago, on 8/24/21, I wrote that the Barclays Center, recovering from the pandemic and requiring that workers be vaccinated against COVID-19, had a lot of job openings.

Let's take another look, first at the food service component from Levy Restaurants.

As of 2021, Levy jobs included Attendant, Catering ($31.80); Attendant, Warehouse ($17.80); Administrative Assistant ($21.50); Bartender ($14.55); Club Supervisor ($21.50); Club Server ($??); Catering Supervisor ($21.50); Suites Runner ($16.30); Suite Pantry Coordinator ($19.80); Cook ($19.80); Concessions Lead Stand ($17.80); Supervisor, Concessions ($21.50); Bar Back ($16.30); Cashier ($16.30); Concession Attendant ($16.30); Cook Supervisor ($24); Suites Supervisor ($21.50).

Today, there are even more job listings, but unlike last year, a vaccination is not a must; the listings state that positions "may require a COVID-19 vaccination." (That's a little confusing; either it is or it isn't.)

There are even more job titles listed, though it's unclear if that means there are more total openings. Of course, given the variable number of events at the arena, and a presumably large pool of workers, it's not clear if a minimum number of monthly hours is required, or guaranteed.

Modest pay increases

The first group below is roughly commensurate with the previous listings. 

Notably, most job titles show a modest increase in hourly pay--a warehouse attendant would earn $18.70, not $17.80, and a cook would earn $20.70, not $19.80--but a few do not. A Concessions Supervisor and Suites Supervisor would still earn $21.50.

Catering Attendant ($32.70); Warehouse Attendant ($18.70); Bartender ($15.45); Supervisor, Crown Club ($21.50); Catering Supervisor ($21.50); Suites Runner ($17.20); Cook, Crown Club ($20.70); Concessions Cook ($20.70); Concessions Supervisor ($21.50); Bar Back ($17.20); Cashier ($17.20); Suites Supervisor ($21.50).

Also: Lead, Concession ($18.70); Runner, 40/40 Club ($17.20); Cook, 40/40 Club  ($20.70); Prep Cook/Carving ($17.95); In Seat Supervisor ($21.50); Mixologist, Crown Club ($15.45); 40/40 Dishwasher ($17.20); In Seat Bartender ($17.45); Suites Prep Cook ($17.95); Bar Back, Crown Club ($17.20); Captain Assistant, Crown Club ($17.20); Host/Hostess, Crown Club ($20.70); 
Counters Worker (no rate listed); Uniform Attendant/Family Meal ($16.00); Dishwasher, Crown Club ($17.20); Runner/Qatar Club ($17.20); In Seat Runner ($17.20); Captain, Crown Club ($21.00); Prep Cook, Crown Club ($17.95).

Also listed are two full-time jobs: Sous Chef, Concessions ($65,000) and Assistant Director of Operations ($110,000).