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With Harden debut, Nets dominate back pages; meanwhile, another protest outside, while LED screen (though not oculus) offers MLK quote

OK, this will be my last Brooklyn Nets post for now, but let's note that the debut of star guard James Harden, who hadn't practiced with the team, went very well, with a couple of asterisks. 

As the Daily News put it, The James Harden-Kevin Durant Nets look unguardable, and the New York Post put it, James Harden does it all in winning Nets debut.

That dominated the tabloids' back pages.

From the Daily News:
Harden recorded the first-ever Nets debut triple double and the first-ever 30-point triple double in a team debut in NBA history. He saw players open before they did, pushed the tempo like he used to under Mike D’Antoni in Houston, was pragmatic about his shot selection, and left his mark all over the tie-dye court with 32 points, 14 assists and 12 rebounds on the night.
Meanwhile, Kevin Durant scored 42 points and shooter Joe Harris scored 17. 

And that was without star guard Kyrie Irving, who is also unguardable, though could raise complications. 

The challenges for the Nets were turnovers, something that might be mitigated with practice, and interior defense and rebounding, which likely requires some new players, acquired on the cheap.

But the trade clearly means buzz for the team, and associated revenues, from advertising and, when fans comes back, attendance, likely from more expensive seats.

A protest, and a timely message

Again, without conflicting with fans, there was a protest last night, related to the response by a cop to a previous protest.
Meanwhile, the new LED screen at the front of the arena has been programmed for Martin Luther King Day, which is tomorrow, stating "Our lives being to end the day we become silent about things that matter." 

Note, though, that the MLK quote that dominated the oculus for months is gone, replaced in November by more lucrative advertising, and the entrance to the arena was heavily defended.