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Behind "Nassau Live Center" on Coliseum ice logo, an EB-5 transaction that remains perplexing

In 'Nassau Live Center' the temporary words on Islanders' Coliseum ice logo, Newsday reported 1/19/21 that the name Nassau Live Center now surrounds the team logo at center ice, though it will eventually read "Nassau Live at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum." 

That's because the naming rights holder, New York Community Bank, withdrew. 

Per Newsday:
Nassau Live Center is the name of the Coliseum’s new leaseholder, which has taken over control of the county-owned building after Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov defaulted on rent and walked away from a $100 million loan.

...Nassau then negotiated a deal with [Nicholas] Mastroianni to take over the same lease because his Jupiter, Florida, company, U.S. Immigration Fund, orchestrated the loan that helped finance Onexim’s renovation of the Coliseum.

That's presented as something routine. However, as I wrote last month, the deal seems akin to a mortgage default that leaves the mortgage broker, not the mortgage issuer, in charge. 

That's apparently because the U.S. Immigration, a middleman known as a regional center in the world of EB-5 investor visas, writes contracts that leave it with much power, and the counterparties, immigrant investors who may not understand English well, are focused on getting their green cards from what the busiest regional center in the market, endorsed by local agents.