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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Barclays Center said to tone down disruptive digital signage (not oculus) at arena entrance, after first amping it up

This is the second of four articles on the 12/10/20 meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC), which was announced with less than three days' notice. The first article concerned plans for the platform and affordable housing. The third article concerned downplaying the impacts of after-hours work. The fourth article concerned public comments.

Though neighbors concerned about disruptive construction have gotten mild sympathy but zero assistance from the developers or Empire State Development, the state authority overseeing/shepherding Atlantic Yards, one disruptive entity has apparently been more responsive: the Barclays Center.

First, the concern:
Brodie explained on Twitter that this was not the Oculus, " which is tame compared to this. New digital screens installed above the plaza entry. Super bright! Took the snap from south-facing windows of our apt in One Hanson Pl at 10:20pm last night. Even w/ blinds closed, some illumination."

"At least I think they’re new / don’t recall them before, or this level or brightness," he added. "Series of flat-panel displays now advertising Nets NBA opener. Another way for the plaza to serve as a corporate eyesore."

A response

The next day, at the AY CDC meeting, Tobi Jaiyesimi, who works for Empire State Development, the state authority that oversee/shepherds the project, noted some public concerns.

"There's also some questions with regards to the oculus and lighting for the arena," she said (webcast). " For those who might not be familiar--if you're standing on the arena platform there's a ribbon strip that usually has ads or quotes on it. And then when you're also standing facing the arena into the entryway, there was a static display, which was translucent and just had some--a logo and image and on it. More recently that was changed from a static display into a more digital image."

It's unclear when that happened.

"And in response to some community complaints and concerns, there's been a filter that's been placed on that image and a change to the setting," Jaiyesimi said. "So that will minimize the lighting."

Jaiyesimi noted that the oculus and signage go dark from midnight to 6 am. For anyone with concerns about disruptive signate, there's a 24-hour number to call: 917-618-6661.

That was set up in the wake of 2018 concerns about the oculus blaring disruptive images after hours, which led to progress.

Following up

I followed up after the meeting, and Brodie responded, "I did think it seemed toned down yesterday afternoon and early evening. It was noticeably dimmer. Weather may have also been a factor. It seemed brighter again this morning. Hard to tell right now with it being a bright, sunny day."

He said was "glad they are aware of it and addressing it" but had not received a direct reply. Neither did I, after contacting the arena.

My observation: with the Brooklyn Nets season starting tomorrow at 6 pm with a pre-season game, the arena is back in revenue-generating mode, as I reported last month, with the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote gone.

Update: yes, it's new

Indeed, Dave Haynes of 16:9, which covers the digital signage industry, reported 12/10/20, Near-Transparent LED Mesh Creates Media Facade At Barclay’s Center:

This is what is billed as a 4K resolution transparent LED media facade that was lit up recently at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY., home to an NBA team and venue for concerts and other events.

The venue used ClearLED‘s WALL product series. It can do 8,000 nits of brightness, which presumably means daylight glare is not an issue. It offers up to 90% transparency.