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In Los Angeles, new details in federal corruption investigation point to possible (small) role for Greenland USA

The Real Deal, in its 12/24/20 article, The secrets still to come in the FBI’s Jose Huizar investigation, suggests that multiple real estate companies, including possibly Greenland USA, remain potentially enmeshed in the federal investigation of Los Angeles City Council Member Jose Huizar, who faces 41 criminal counts of racketeering, fraud and money laundering related mainly to Downtown Los Angeles real estate deals involving China-based companies.

The most prominent company named is Shen Zhen New World, and developer Shenzhen Hazens has paid a $1 million fine, but, as noted in the article, a superseding indictment of Huizar that federal prosecutors handed down 11/30/20 points to other companies, albeit not indicated by name.

A (small) role for Greenland?

From the article:
Shortly after the FBI raided Huizar’s office in November 2018, the Los Angeles Times reported that real estate and billboard companies were solicited by [the Council Member's wife] Richelle Huizar to donate money to Jose Huizar’s former school, Bishop Mora Salesian High School in the Boyle Heights neighborhood.
The Times reported that Shanghai-based Greenland gave $25,000 to the school, and New York City-headquartered Related Companies provided $10,000.
The indictment mentions a China-based Company L that gave $25,000 to the high school — perhaps Greenland, which has acknowledged donating... unknown is whether Greenland figures into the probe beyond the single donation.
From the indictment:
Overt Act No. 355: On or around September 28, 2015, defendant HUIZAR attended High School A’s annual gala, which, at defendant HUIZAR’s request, was sponsored by the following companies, among others, in the following amounts: (1) $25,000 by Company L; (2) $10,000 by Jia Yuan; (3) $10,000 by Company F; and (4) $5,000 by Company K.
Note that such a donation is far less than the figures bandied about in the indictment, as noted by the U.S. Attorney:
Among the numerous other corruption allegations, the indictment charges that Huizar illegally accepted more than $800,000 in benefits from [Wei] Huang [of Shen Zhen New World], mainly during luxury-laden gambling trips... Huang also provided $600,000 in collateral to fund a settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Huizar by a former CD-14 staffer, allegations that threatened his 2015 re-election campaign, according to the indictment. At the time he provided these benefits, Huang was planning to redevelop the L.A. Grand Hotel into the tallest tower west of the Mississippi, which would require city approvals and Huizar’s help.