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Washington Post: NBA could lose $1 billion from coronavirus

The Washington Post yesterday, How long until sports can return? You might not like the answer., cast doubt on chatter that the NFL and college football seasons would return this fall. Here's an excerpt regarding basketball:
The possibility of a canceled NBA postseason, coupled with lost sponsorship from China after a preseason ordeal, could push the NBA’s total revenue loss over $1 billion. The scope of the financial damage prompted Commissioner Adam Silver and other NBA executives to take 20 percent pay cuts. The NBA has made it clear that it is considering all manners of rescheduling, including delays that could push the 2019-20 season into the late summer or early fall and require, in turn, that the start of the 2020-21 season be delayed until Christmas.
The NBA has explored multiple scenarios for salvaging the postseason, most geared toward preserving a product for its television partners. Decision-makers understand that playing games in front of thousands of fans this summer is unlikely and that the league might need to switch to a single-site destination, such as Las Vegas, to host a quarantine-friendly tournament.
As previously discussed, it seems to me and others that this season is very unlikely to resume.