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Nets, Islanders both playoffs-bound, but unclear whether Isles would play home games in Nassau or at Barclays

The Brooklyn Nets, after the second-best record in the league since Dec. 7, are now sixth in the NBA's Eastern Conference and thus playoffs-bound, as I noted on Twitter.

And that would certainly help the bottom line of the Barclays Center, since extra games, especially ones that sell lots of tickets, bring more revenues.

As noted in the response to me on Twitter, the New York Islanders are also playoffs-bound, ranked fifth in the National Hockey League and leading the Metropolitan Division.

So that would be good for the bottom line of BSE Global, which operates both the Barclays Center and the Nassau Coliseum, where the Islanders have been splitting their season.

Actually, it's not an even split--nearly all the end-of-season games are in Nassau: 15 of 18. However, the Barclays Center has more luxury suites--and more seats.

Attendance at the Barclays Center has been generally poor, sometimes under 10,000, while the Coliseum has often sold out, or come close to selling out, its 13,917 capacity, as noted in Newsday's attendance tracker.

That said, when the cross-town rival New York Rangers came to play at Barclays, the announced attendance was 15,497, which is near the 15,795 capacity (which includes many seats with obstructed views).

So Newsday pursued the question of which home would host Islanders' playoff games, and got an inconclusive answer, published 1/18/19:
NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said by email Friday that the Islanders’ postseason home will be decided after discussions between the league, the Islanders and BSE Global, which operates both of their home arenas — Barclays Center and NYCB Live’s Nassau Coliseum.
“That hasn’t happened yet,” Daly said.
Stay tuned.

The commuting issue

Update: from the Associated Press 1/30/19, A Tale of Two Arenas: Islanders fans prefer the Coliseum:
BSE Global, which operates both arenas, shares the fans’ desires to have the team play all its games at the Coliseum. The NHL opposed the Islanders’ full return to the Coliseum, due mainly to it having a smaller capacity than every other arena in the league, but acquiesced to the split arrangement.
The players like the Coliseum, too. The arena and the team’s practice facility at Eisenhower Park a mile away are less than 30 minutes from their homes. In comparison, afternoon traffic in New York can make the trip to Barclays Center more than 75 minutes. Some players commute to Brooklyn on the Long Island Rail Road and then take car services home.


  1. Also, at least in the NBA, there is a different revenue sharing scheme. Home teams get more of the revenue and league pays expenses. Also, a playoff team is likely to increase the number of season tickets it sells for the next season, adding more guaranteed income.


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