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The loss of an editor at the Brooklyn Paper and more Schneps-i-fication, as networking events get big play

Beyond the pink cover and the Brownstoner Corner, the Schneps-i-fication of the Brooklyn Paper continues, as the new owners, now called Schneps Community News Group, have after two months replaced longtime Editor-in-Chief Vince DiMiceli with his Deputy Editor Anthony Rotunno.

No new Deputy Editor was announced--but a new (young) Digital Editor has been hired. It's a loss in institutional memory, given that Rotunno--no knock on him--has only been at the paper about 18 months and DiMiceli had decades of training young reporters who come and go.

The 11/15/18 article on the new editor didn't mention DiMiceli but said:
“We are thrilled to have Anthony leading our Brooklyn editorial team. His experience, vision, and passion will help us continue to improve, and be the leading source of local news across multiple platforms now and in the future,” said CEO and co-publisher Joshua Schneps.
(That article, by the way, was attributed to the mythic "Moses Jefferson," who, um, doesn't exist. The "eternally fresh-faced go-getter of unknown origins," as the Brooklyn Paper once described him, apparently serves as an all-purpose generic byline. There's also "Armand Diphthong," a character from the comic strip Bloom County.)

The Brooklyn Paper will remain clever and punny--both DiMiceli and Rotunno were honored for headlines in April--but former editor Gersh Kuntzman already made his assessment:
The networking events

Another sign of Schnep-i-fication is the King of Kings Networking Event, which garnered coverage from the Brooklyn Paper and its sibling Brooklyn Daily/Courier-Life publications (which also include the New York Post's Brooklyn Weekly):
In the New York Times, 10/22/17, The Community Newspaper Queen, of Queens (published before the recent Brooklyn Paper purchase), Corey Kilgallon wrote:
To help keep her papers profitable, Ms. Schneps-Yunis began holding advertiser dinners that have expanded into wider marketing and networking events.
The events are promoted as awards dinners for “Power Women,” “Under 40” and such categories. Advertisers and others are presented with Vicki’s — a heavy statuette resembling an Oscar or a Tony award.
It's hardly unknown for publications--and I've written for a few--to offer awards that blur the line between journalism and business. This seems more heavy-handed, though.

From the Park Slope Courier:

From the Brooklyn Paper: