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Two signs of change at the Brooklyn Paper: a pink cover, and a Brownstoner corner

Update: see bottom for another sign.

So, have the new owners of the Brooklyn Paper, Schneps Communications (now part of Schneps Community News Group), left any mark yet?

Well, the understaffed Brooklyn Paper remains scrappy, clever, and not so deep.

(Quick: check how many times Greenland USA has been mentioned in its pages. Do Brooklyn Paper readers even know the company now owns nearly all of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park? Then again, the Paper did cover the forced shutdownrevival, and new targeting of The Q at Parkside blog.)

But a couple of things are noticeable. First, the recent pink cover (right) and the pink shading on the web site, all in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A cover editorial, Why We’re Pink, by publisher Victoria Schneps-Yunis (profiled rather gently in the Times last October as The Community Newspaper Queen of Queens), explains:
Our writers have valuable information for you, so read it and take action right away!
I am proud and privileged to offer the critically important information you will find in the Pink issue — our first to be published under the Schneps Community News Group ownership. Read it, save it, and pass it along to a friend.
I'm sure she's proud. She's the publisher. She gets to do what she wants--including, as the Times reported, handing out statuettes called Vicki's, named after her, at company events to advertisers and other local businesses.

Who's against Breast Cancer Awareness? No one. But maybe that space should go to local news. (Interestingly enough, a newspaper that's pretty much given up on editorials finally found a cause to opine on.)

Welcome to Brownstoner Corner

And now there's also Brownstoner Corner, adding content from the sibling web site Brownstoner.

While the latter does offer some coverage of neighborhood issues and the history of buildings, it's mostly about selling apartments and services.

Which is why, I guess, a headline "Update prewar one-bedroom co-op in Park Slope for $700K" qualifies as a news story.

Call it synergy, and keep watch for more.

Update: a former editor laments

Note this 11/2/18 tweet from former Brooklyn Paper editor Gersh Kuntzman, which points to a friendly profile of a business opening, using a photo from another publication known for softer coverage.