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CBC analyst: federal (and state) help needed to meet affordable housing crisis (but how?)

Gotham Gazette 10/16/18 published In Need of Partners: Affordability Gap Too Large for New York City to Cover Alone, by Sean Campion of the Citizens Budget Commission, who wrote:
A new report from Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) indicates rental burdens have not improved since 2014, and are most severe for low-income single households, particularly single seniors. The most effective programs for providing low-income, affordable housing have been federally funded; the city cannot handle the affordability problem on its own.
CBC analysis of data from the 2017 Housing Vacancy Survey (HVS) shows more than 921,000 renter households in New York City, or 44 percent of all renters, pay at least 30 percent of their income in rent.... Twenty-two percent of households – more than 462,000 families and single adults – are severely rent burdened, which means they pay 50 percent or more of their income in rent.
How to fix it? The op-ed notes that two-thirds of poor households that are not rent-burdened take advantage of federal assistance: they live in public housing (the New York City Housing Authority, or NYCHA) or have Section 8 vouchers to help pay private landlords.

Given the inability of the mayor's seemingly ambitious housing plan to help the number of poor New Yorkers needing assistance, as well as the struggles of NYCHA, the conclusion is clear:
Any meaningful response to preserve public housing and address the housing needs of severely rent burdened New Yorkers will require willing partners in Albany and Washington.
What's missing, of course, is the political strategy and political will to get there.