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In print, NYT Real Estate section shows tiny shot of 550 Vanderbilt open space

Hey, I missed something when I wrote about the online version of today's New York Times Real Estate section cover story, New Parks Sprout Around New York, The print version does not include the photo of the 550 Vanderbilt open space that was posted online but rather included a tiny, narrow-focused shot, below, looking east.

Yes, look to the bottom left of this screenshot.

Below is the image, looking west, that showed more of the 550 Vanderbilt open space, but also indicated how limited it is (and, as I wrote, misleadingly said the remainder of the open space would be behind the fence, which is rather the site for two new buildings).

Here's a better look at the scope of the open space, regarding 535 Carlton, which is in the distance of the photo above.

From my coverage of 535 Carlton open space

And here's the schematic. 550 Vanderbilt is B11, 535 Carlton is B14.