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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Catercorner to Atlantic Yards site, 550 Clinton tower tweaked, looks more like 550 Vanderbilt

Apparently the plan to build a tower catercorner to the northeast corner of the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park site (as I wrote about in January, with more back story) has been revised, the biggest changes regarding repairs to the historic Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew on Clinton Avenue, notes Curbed.

But the 29-story, 312-foot tower at Vanderbilt Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, designed by Morris Adjmi Architects, will be tweaked too, according to revised plans (bottom) to be assessed today by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

As Curbed notes, the very modern tower will twist a little prominently as it rises, and the materials now more closely resemble its semi-near smaller neighbor, 550 Vanderbilt Avenue, not across the street, but a block away, below Pacific Street : "The new building’s facade will now be made using a lighter precast concrete, and the metal used for the window frames will be darker."

Looking west

One question, of course, is what the unbuilt B10 tower, which requires a deck over the Vanderbilt Yard before construction, will look like.

The image below from the 550 Clinton presentation provides a massing model I think is only partly accurate--the setback from Atlantic Avenue is minor (see p. 65 of the Design Guidelines), but the upper part of the tower is a smaller cubic section than portrayed.

That view, of course, omits the other five towers that are planned for the railyard, which would make for a much larger massing on the horizon.

The full project?

The revised presentation also includes an image of the full Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park project, as approved. However, the B1 tower over the arena plaza (officially temporary; seemingly permanent) is unlikely to be built, and the Site 5 project, omitted completely, could go from a 250-foot building to a two-tower project rising 785 feet.

The presentation of Pacific Park by the team behind 550 Vanderbilt includes the not-to-be-built B1, and omits Site 5

The full 550 Clinton presentation

(Here's the January presentation to LPC, as well.)