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From Atlantic Yards Watch: on Pacific Street opposite construction: ambulance stuck in traffic for five minutes, siren continues

From Atlantic Yards Watch, Ambulance stuck in traffic on Pacific Street, regarding an incident on Pacific Street between Sixth and Carlton avenues at about 9:56 am on 4/6/15:
I have been forwarded the attached photo and this description by a resident of Newswalk who is happy to speak to anyone interested:
"an ambulance was stuck in traffic with engine running for about 5 minutes. Siren was going off
It's unclear why the passage was blocked, since Pacific Street--adjacent to railyard construction work--has not been as severely narrowed as Dean Street, although the margin for error has been constricted.

It's possible that another truck on the street--not necessarily connected to the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park project--was stalled or doing a delivery, or that the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Pacific Street was somehow jammed.