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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Coming clean? Greenland claims Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park would include "middle and upscale apartments"

So, what does the Greenland Group really think of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park?

Well, a partial clue on the company's English-language website emerges, despite the awkward translation into English.

It's not the errors regarding "New York Atlantic Plaza."

(Surely this was penned before the name change to Pacific Park, and not updated.)

Nor is it errors in the text, which claims the project is in the "southeastern corner of Brooklyn NY" and that it enjoys "Brooklyn’s largest central park in its southern part."

(Rather, the project is in the center-west of Brooklyn, and Brooklyn's largest central park--Prospect Park--is to the south.)

How affordable?

But this was striking: "the project aims to construct a comprehensive community with middle and upscale apartments."

Even given the translation, "middle" apartments are a rather skewed approximation of "affordable," with no acknowledgment of low-income households or the poor. Perhaps they're trying to paint a rosy picture for their Chinese audience. 

Or perhaps, having negotiated two "100% affordable" buildings skewed to middle-income households, maybe they consider that a fundamental shift in the project.