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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Alert: noisy overnight work coming Thursday

According to the latest two-weeks Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update, dated April 13 but circulated today at 1:42 pm by Empire State Development after preparation by Greenland Forest City, there will be major disruptive work overnight Thursday night at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Atlantic Avenue.

The work, necessary for phone connections and the prepare for future utility relocations, will close the northbound travel lane between Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue. Notably, it will include "directional lighting"--which may or may not shine in neighbors' windows--and loud equipment like excavators and a jackhammer. (Here's the previous Update.)

From the document:
During the overnight hours of Thursday, April 16th the contractor will be trenching across the 6th avenue intersection at Atlantic Avenue. This work is needed for the installation of shoring for a Verizon conduit servicing the arena and to prepare for the temporary water and sewer utility relocations which will occur within the same trench. The trench will be covered with road plates following the installation of shoring and conduit. While this work is underway, the crosswalk along the south side of Atlantic Ave and the sidewalk along the east side of 6th Avenue will remain open; the northbound travel lane between Pacific Street and Atlantic will be closed. Individuals looking to cross to the north side of Atlantic Avenue will be directed to do so at the intersection of Ft Greene Place and Atlantic Avenue. Flagman will be posted at the intersections of Pacific Street/6th Avenue and Atlantic Avenue/6th Avenue to direct traffic and pedestrians. Given the need to close the intersection at Atlantic Avenue and 6th Avenue, this work is being performed at night pursuant to the DOT work permit; work would commence after 9:30 pm and is expected to take 8 hours. While the work is underway, the contractor will have directional lighting in the work area and will be using various equipment, including excavators, hoe rams with a mounted jackhammer and a boom truck. 
Modular restarts

The document also states:
• Work related to the erection of modules for floors 11, 12, and 13 will commence during this reporting period.
It does not indicate, as was stated two Updates ago, that modules on the 10th floor would be realigned, or that they have been realigned. Nor is it clear whether work "related to" the erection of modules includes the actual placement of modules.

Work on the southeast block

The document also notes, re B11 – 550 Vanderbilt Avenue, that "Installation of slab tie-down anchors will commence during this reporting period."

Whatever that exactly means. (Shouldn't they explain?)