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Never mind: despite declarative notice of overnight work (that didn't happen), ESD says not to take such notices as definitive

So, I asked last Friday, what happened to the plan to close Sixth Avenue near Atlantic Avenue for noisy overnight work the night before?

It did not happen, nor was a notice circulated explaining why.

"Notices are based on the work we anticipate will occur – they are not definitive projections," was the response I got from Empire State Development. "When a new date is selected, an updated notice is circulated."

That's questionable on two counts. First, it's true that the language of the two-week Construction Update is conditional, citing "anticipated upcoming construction activities."

But this work was also announced in a separate Community Notice (below), circulated just a few days before it was to happen, which used much more definitive language, as in "the contractor will be trenching..."

Also, while it's obviously appropriate to send a notice when a new date is selected, shouldn't the public--especially the neighbors--should be told immediately that the planned work didn't happen, and why? Otherwise the level of trust in such communication will drop.