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Could Hillary's presidential campaign be launched from Ratnerville?

From the Daily News:
Hillary Clinton staffers have visited properties in downtown Brooklyn as they search for a potential presidential campaign headquarters, the Daily News has learned.
Clinton's team is eyeing office space owned by Forest City Ratner: the MetroTech complex near Borough Hall and 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights.
...Real estate insiders were thrilled at the idea of hosting Clinton HQ, and said the location makes perfect sense for a national campaign.
"There are 13 subway lines and 15 bus lines serving the neighborhood," said Tucker Reed, President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. "Nearly 60,000 college students that could provide an army of campaign volunteers, and when the DNC convention comes to Barclays Center, headquarters would be blocks away."
Well, office space is cheaper in Brooklyn. Though Tucker Reed is not merely an "insider" but an employee who answers to a board co-chaired by Forest City Ratner.

Maybe we'll see how the DNC 2016 choice goes. MSNBC reported:
 Clinton and her advisers had previously eyed the Westchester County city of White Plains, about 25 miles north of Manhattan, Clinton has now more or less decided on a location in New York City, likely either Brooklyn or Queens, according to three knowledgeable Democrats, who spoke on the condition of anonymity since they were not authorized to discuss the matter with the press.
A base in gentrifying Brooklyn or Queens could help give Clinton’s campaign a youthful feel, and would likely be a relief for Democratic operatives dreading a relocation to the suburb, or a daily commute from New York City. White Plains is about an hour from Manhattan by public transit.
I'm not sure that either 1 Pierrepont Plaza or MetroTech bring a "youthful feel," but who knows--maybe the volunteers would have share a group home somewhere deeper into Brooklyn.


  1. jerry256:04 AM

    All this is well and good for Brooklyn, but it may not be good for Democrats, which I thought was the reason for selecting the best site for democrats to win.

    Ohio is the state that always determines the victor. NYC has a negative impression around the country and its been made much worse by an ultra liberal Mayor de Blasio, who still hasn't admitted that he was wrong to criticize law enforcement. The protests will be huge in NYC and they may dominate the news.

    This potential choice of NYC epitomizes the failure of the Obama administration, who continue to convince themselves that by making their Base happy, they can win elections. It didn't work in either of the midterms, and Obama only won by convincing enough Moderates/Independents that the alternative is worse. Most of Obama's decisions are solely to appease the Base that worked hard to get him elected, and for whom he made campaign promises (eg closing Gitmo).

    All of what has Obama has been doing lately (appeasing his Base) is only making matters more difficult for Hillary (the presumptive nominee, who is also a terrible campaigner with no charisma). By pushing more and more to the Left, and away from mainstream America, Obama is boxing in Hillary, to force her to agree with his policies.

    Although the Republicans scooped the Dems by choosing CLE, OH already, it would neutralize their advantage if Democrats chose Columbus OH. And don't be shocked if John Kasich (OH, Governor) decides to run, and he wins the nomination. He can debate Hillary well, on every issue, including Healthcare and will have an advantage in OH.

    However, I would predict that Dems will make the mistake of choosing NYC and the Liberal label will stay with Hillary, to her disappointment.


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