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Barclays Center May 2014 event calendar depends on the Nets' performance in today's playoffs game

For now, it looks like a pretty quiet May at the Barclays Center, with only two events scheduled, one a concert, one a completed Nets playoffs game. But the opening round of the playoffs is tied 3-3, going seven games, with the final today in Toronto.

If they win, there will be more home games, next Saturday and Monday, and if they continue to win--and each of the three series goes full tilt--there could be as many as nine or ten more home games. Or, if they get swept in the next round, just two games.

(Below is the calendar from the arena website. Another version of the calendar, including estimated attendance, typically--but not always--circulated by the arena Community Afairs office weeks before the coming month, has not been distributed.)

Last May's calendar

The May 2013 event calendar was similarly skimpy, with three concert dates scheduled. The Nets wound up playing one home playoff game in May--unmentioned in the preview calendar below--but lost that Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs.