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Mosley introduces bill to authorize Atlantic Yards Development Trust, which would oversee project, be controlled by governor but require stakeholder council

Brooklyn Assemblyman Walter Mosley, as I've reported, has already introduced Bill A5334, which would authorize the Urban Development Corporation (aka Empire State Development) to create a "subsidiary corporation for the purpose of the further planning, design, and oversight of the Atlantic Yards land use improvement and civic project."

That bill was inherited from his predecessor, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries. It has five co-sponsors and remains stalled in committee.

Mosley also just introduced a bill to establish a project oversight entity known as the Atlantic Yards Development Trust to supervise the project so as to create increased accountability and oversight. The bill, A09752, is the same as the 2008 bill. A11395, which was introduced by Jeffries.

The previous bill had Assemblymembers Joan Millman and Jim Brennan, who represent neighboring districts, as co-sponsors. The new bill doesn't have co-sponsors yet. 

The role of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a Forest City Ratner ally and Atlantic Yards supporter, is key; without his blessing (or some crisis/groundswell that forces the issue or neutralizes him), passage of any bill critical of Atlantic Yards is unlikely.

However much Forest City's objections, the bill would not radically change the dynamic regarding Atlantic Yards, since the board would still be controlled by the governor. That said, it likely would provide more continuity and responsiveness.

Bill provisions

The members of the board:
  • Eight members appointed by the governor, at least one representing a not-for-profit, non-governmental or civic organization
  • Two members appointed by the speaker of the assembly, in consultation with the member of the assembly representing the district or districts in which the project is located
  • Two members appointed by the temporary president of the senate, in consultation with the senator representing the district in which the project is located
  • Two members appointed by the mayor of the city of New York
  • One member appointed the Brooklyn borough president, in consultation with Brooklyn community boards two, six and eight
  • One non-voting member shall be appointed by the stakeholder council provided in the bill
The stakeholder council, which would have staff provided by the trust, would include:
  • Two members appointed by each of the Assemblymembers representing the district in which the project is located
  • Two members appointed by the Senator(s) representing the district
  • Two members appointed by the City Council Members representing the district
  • One member each appointed by Brooklyn Community Boards 2, 6, and 8
  • Two members appointed by the Brooklyn Borough President