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You can see college hoops at the Barclays Center for $5, if you know the magic words

Tickets I found (but didn't buy)
I wrote last month that only 2000 people  were expected for the 4 pm Feb. 16 college basketball game at the Barclays Center between LIU and St. Francis, dubbed the "Battle of Brooklyn," though LIU's own gym, just up the block, seats 2500.

I suggested that one way to fill some seatst was to not charge $21.85 a ticket, with service charge, as indicated in the screenshot below.

Actually, if you pay that price, you're a sucker.

As noted in the screenshot at right, tickets are available for just $5, which is about what it should be. (There's no additional service charge.)

Certain community partners have been told to go to this link, then use the password PARTNER.

I wonder why the arena doesn't simply advertise the $5 price. Are they simply hoping to get enough people in the stands so the place looks full on camera? Are they afraid the "wrong people" would come to the cheap seats? Do they take a loss if they fill the building at $5? Or are they just trying to reward certain friends and contacts with the $5 tickets?