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Buses bringing circus attendees block lane of Atlantic Avenue, bus stop; trailer for module delivery partly blocks Sixth Avenue crosswalk

Less than three days after a spokesman for the Barclays Center said that it was not the arena's intention to have trailers for the circus load-in block bus stops and traffic lanes, a similar set of problems cropped up yesterday.

Buses transporting children to the Barclays Center for the circus idled in the Atlantic Avenue traffic lane--not the curb adjacent to the arena--for more than half an hour yesterday, closing that lane.

For more than an hour, buses parked in the B45 bus stop further down Atlantic, according to Atlantic Yards Watch.

On video

Modular delivery encroachment

Also, yesterday, as a resident informed me by sending this photo, the trailer used to deliver one of the "mods" for the B2 modular tower was positioned so a portion stuck out and blocked more than half of the Dean Street crosswalk on the west side of Sixth Avenue.