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So, is the B2 tower "part of a 1,500-unit, mixed-use complex"? Not quite

From New York Times Opinionator columnist Allison Arieff, Prefab Lives!, 5/23/13:
It’s an exciting time for modular building, especially in New York, and as someone who has been deeply immersed in the world of prefabrication for over a decade, I am glad to see the much-maligned building technology finding its proper niche. It’s the killer app for the modular industry. 
B2, a 32-story tower that is part of a 1,500-unit, mixed-use complex designed by SHoP Architects for Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards, will soon be the tallest modular building in the world
My comment:
Interesting that you call B2 "part of a 1,500-unit, mixed-use complex" that's part of Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn. Actually, the 1,500 units are just a phase in a project that's supposed to include 6,430 units.
Whether they all get built remains in question, since developer Forest City Ratner has no plans yet to build an expensive deck over the Vanderbilt Yard, the below-grade railyard that, among the lots designated blighted in the controversial eminent domain case involving Atlantic Yards, is the most clearly blighted. That platform is required before the full project buildout.