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Nets CEO Yormark on first season: “I am happy, but not satisfied” (and we'll elevate the Nets brand)

Nets/Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark yesterday sent a letter to fans (as noted by NetsDaily):
The team delivered a strong regular season performance in their new home and brought Brooklyn its first playoff series since the 1955 Dodgers who played down the street at Ebbetts Field. The organization is proud of how far we have come on the court as well as how quickly we have become accepted as a member of the Brooklyn community. The borough and our fans embraced us with chants of “BROOKLYN---BROOKLYN” and by wearing their Nets gear to show pride in the hometown team.

In the weeks ahead, stay tuned for an announcement of a new Head Coach, the NBA Draft, hosted for the first time at Barclays Center, and player personnel moves as Billy King continues to improve the team through free agency. Billy has done a great job and under his leadership the team will continue to excel on the court.

As I tell my staff, “I am happy, but not satisfied.” We have come a long way and will celebrate success, but we will not rest on our laurels. Our fans' experience at Barclays Center will continue to set the bar for venues around the world, and the Nets brand on a regional, national and global level will be elevated as our marketing efforts continue to connect with consumers of sports and entertainment.
I don't think that the significant sales of Nets merchandise can be attributed purely or even predominantly to "pride in the hometown team." Rather, people like the design, and think anything associated with "Brooklyn" is cool.

Also, note how Yormark looks on the bright side: there's no mention of the two coaches who were fired this year, Avery Johnson and P.J. Carlesimo. 

While both surely made choices that were questionable, doesn't Carlesimo at least get a thank-you for getting the Nets into the playoffs? Nope. Sports entertainment is a business, and the Nets are a brand.