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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Alert: 40 trucks coming to B2 site on one day; mitigation for pile drilling may be improved ("severe vibrations" "like a constant earthquake")

The latest two-week Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, issued yesterday by Empire State Development after preparation by developer Forest City Ratner, warns that on one (yet unspecified) day during this period, 40 trucks will be delivering concrete to the B2 modular tower site at the corner of Dean Street and Flatbush Avenue:
The first mat slab, elevator and sump pit wall pour will be scheduled during this reporting period. Approximately 40 concrete trucks will be delivering to the site during the course of the day of this pour. A separate logistics plan has been submitted and approved by the OEM for this work. Trucks will be unloading the concrete behind the MPT barrier on Dean Street and utilizing the Pacific Street queue area when needed in order to avoid queuing and idling on Dean Street and/or adjacent roadways.
Pile drilling and noise complaints

The alert also states, regarding pile drilling at the railyard site:
Actual pile drilling along and outside the south wall to the yard started on April 22nd and will continue for the next several months. All mitigation devices are in place and are being monitored hourly and daily with respect to noise and dust. As the process progresses and we gain experience with this new drilling equipment, we will actively seek to tweak and try to improve on mitigation.
The latter may be a response to complaints like these (1, 2, 3, 4) on Atlantic Yards Watch:
  • Pile driving from Atlantic Yards is causing the mirrors on my walls to shake.
  • Construction in Atlantic Yards rail bed is causing my apartment building to shake
  • Vibrations from pile-driving on Pacific street rail yards are causing the furniture to shake inside my apartment.
  • From 10 am to the present (noon), pile driving on the rail beds is causing the light fixtures and furniture in my apartment to vibrate. The entire building is shaking slightly. I could hear the metal in my wall sconces jiggling out loud. It's like a constant earthquake.
Here's an even longer report:
I live at 560 Dean Street. I have experienced severe vibrations in our building caused by the work they are doing on Pacific. I have actually gone outside during the vibrations to see the cause, and it appears that the vibrations occur when they are using the large drill-like machine on Pacific that is shoring up the wall. These vibrations are occurring every day, sometimes for minutes at a time. I am concerned that these vibrations are causing structural issues with our building and the building around us. We are a block away from the construction, so I assume that the vibrations are even work for the buildings closer to the construction site."