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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

Retail coming to 470 Vanderbilt: could it include a Hooters? (Denis Hamill would be fine with that)

From the 5/2/12 Real Estate Weekly, GFI brings Atlanic [sic] Yards retail corner to market:
GFI Development Company is offering corner and street-front retail space at 470 Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn.

The ten-story, 660,000 s/f mixed-use property is four blocks from Atlantic Center and Atlantic Terminal Mall, a major destination shopping thoroughfare for Brooklyn.
More importantly, it's two blocks--albeit across broad Atlantic Avenue from the Barclays Center surface parking lot and within walking distance of the arena.

There will be 3,000 employees at the building alone, from the Human Resources Administration, and location is near dense residential districts. It's a former tire factory turned telecom center, soon to include more housing.

What kind of retail?

So, will the retail be aimed at neighborhood residents, building employees/visitors, or arena-related traffic--or a bit of all? There will be up to 21,500 square feet of ground-floor retail, including 7,100 square feet at the corner of Atlantic and Vanderbilt Avenues.

That's big enough for a Hooters, and a real estate guy told The Local that Hooters scouts would be looking there.

Hamill weighs in

The controversy over Hooters, ginned up by a front-page article in the New York Daily News with a small sample of anti-Hooters comments from Park Slopers, has provoked Daily News columnist Denis Hamill into writing: Who gives a hoot about pretty girls as waitresses? It’s no reason to block Hooters from Brooklyn: Park Slope snobs trying to tell you where to eat after a game:
Like Kinslow, 90% of the other waitresses were minority — black, Hispanic, Asian — from working-class neighborhoods. No nudity, no lap dances, no horndogs stuffing bills into G-strings. Just college kids without trust funds — unlike the children of the brownstone blowhards — paying their way through local colleges to make dreams come true.

Save the outrage for the puritanical snobs who would step on those working-class dreams.
Um, it's up to the landlords, actually.