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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

So why were the railyard lights on all night? Because railyard contractors got permission. Why weren't residents given an alert? The state dropped the ball.

As documented on Atlantic Yards Watch, high-intensity sodium flood lights were on through the night on Tuesday night, until about 3:25 am, even though the latest Construction Alert said they were supposed to go off at 11 pm. (Before this week, they were supposed to go off at 7 pm.)

What happened? Atlantic Yards Watch observed:
As SOP the ESDC/FCR continues to allow changes to construction work restrictions THEN informs community after the change occurs thus aggravating residents even more by failing to enforce what they publish to whitewash what is actually happening.
And that is exactly what happened.

I checked with Arana Hankin, Director, Atlantic Yards Project for Empire State Development, who responded:
The EIS [Environmental Impact Statement] projected overnight and extended hours of work on the Atlantic Yards sites. The contractors had the appropriate permit to conduct work in the yard overnight. A supplemental construction alert should have been sent out to notify area residents. We will be certain to do so the next time last minute overnight work needs to occur.

Another lingering question, as noted on Atlantic Yards Watch:
Why is the entire rail yard illuminated when they are only working @ the far north east corner of the rail yard?


  1. It is not clear the contractors are permitted to use the lights.


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