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Atlantic Yards down the memory hole; Observer reporter describes project as "thriving"

In New York Observer coverage of Mayor Mike Bloomberg's appearance at a shopping center convention, the reporter (and a colleague) sit down with "friendly man" Bruce Ratner, who asks not to be asked anything on the record:
In person, Mr. Ratner is a delightful and forthcoming chap—nevermind that his vision for a basketball arena in Brooklyn has also included the removal of homeowners living in Prospect Heights through the use of eminent domain.
Perhaps that good feeling leads the reporter to reference the Atlantic Yards project as "the controversial – and thriving – development headed by my esteemed new seat mate."


Bruce Ratner just acknowledged that he could never keep his promises, given for the last eight years, to build high-rise affordable housing with union labor.

He also acknowledged last year that, after promising for years that the project would be built in a decade, that was "never supposed to be the time we were supposed to build them in."