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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

AY down the memory hole: Capital declares Kuntzman's Brooklyn Paper "got massive mileage out of the Atlantic Yards saga"

From Hey Honeys! 'King of Brooklyn' Gersh Kuntzman heads off to academe, to instruct young gumshoes, in Capital (tagline: This is How New York Works), about the Gershification of the Brooklyn Paper:
It also meant transforming what was already a well-respected community publication, with its informative re-caps of local board meetings and dutiful coverage of provincial affairs, into the type of scrappy news product that could command the interest and respect not only of its neighborhood constituents, but of those media elites across
the river.

“What I did,” said Kuntzman, more modestly, “was, I took a very, very strong paper, I cut the story length in half, and I added a kind of tabloid brashness."
And nothing was lost?

What about AY?

Writes Joe Pompeo:
Apart from the bottled water wars, some other classics from Kuntzman’s Brooklyn Paper canon, outside its signature beats like bike lanes and local development (it got massive mileage out of the Atlantic Yards saga), include the horrific geese-slaughtering of July 2010, the infamous 6-year-old sidewalk chalk vandal of Park Slope, and the editor’s rather racy real estate porn spoof...
Here's the comment I tried to post:
The Brooklyn Paper "got massive mileage out of the Atlantic Yards saga"?

Here's what the BP hasn't covered:

-Forest City Ratner's effort to raise $249 million from immigrant (mostly Chinese) investors seeking green cards via the EB-5 program.

--Borough President Marty Markowitz's willingness to shill for that effort by making a video claiming that "Brooklyn is 1000 percent behind Atlantic Yards."

--Forest City Ratner's unwillingness to hire the Independent Compliance Monitor required by the much-promoted Community Benefits Agreement.

There's much more to question.
No change with Murdoch? 

The article states:
Think what you will of Murdoch’s media empire: Kuntzman said News Corp. didn’t change The Brooklyn Paper after the company bought Community Newspaper Group in March of 2009.
“Don’t believe the conspiracy theories,” he said. “We got nice fancy new offices, but I wouldn’t say the culture of the place changed at all.”
Forget conspiracy theories, look at the record.

For whatever reason, the willingness to question Atlantic Yards diminished significantly, and Kuntzman contorted the newspaper, for example, into barely covering the Battle for Brooklyn documentary and producing a bizarrely anomalous review of the documentary play In the Footprint.