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Quietly, and without allegations of FCR-related influence or bribery, Prospect Park's Lakeside project gets $2.687 million from the state

Prospect Park's $74 million Lakeside ice rink project was put under a cloud when state Senator Carl Kruger got indicted for--and just pleaded guilty to-- directing $500,000 in state funds to a client of lobbyist Richard Lipsky, part of a suite of charges.

(It was a cause championed by Forest City Ratner executive Bruce Bender, whose wife sits on the Prospect Park Alliance board, though it's hardly clear that Forest City lobbyist Richard Lipsky, charged with bribing Kruger, was doing so for that specific cause.)

But it turns out that Lakeside does just fine getting state funds in the conventional way, untainted by bribery allegations or much publicity. (Construction update at right from Prospect Park Alliance.)

Money for a green roof

According to the Strategic Plan and Regional Project Awards, announced 12/8/11 by the Cuomo administration, the Prospect Park Alliance got $2.687 million via the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for a green roof.

As stated in the awards booklet:
The Prospect Park Alliance will replace the former Wollman ice skating rink and building with a state-of-the-art LEED certified recreation facility, including two skating rinks, three multipurpose rooms, and expanded green space adjacent to a historic landscape restoration. Lakeside will be seamlessly built into the surrounding landscape, preserving historic design while meeting the needs of a diverse contemporary urban community. A "green roof" over all building structures will improve energy efficiency and eight acres of parkland (three acres of green space and five acres of water) will be introduced.
The news has not been announced on the city's Prospect Park page, nor on the Prospect Park Alliance's news page.

An imposing project

Below is a picture of the project, shot recently by Jonathan Barkey, which shows the scale that has angered some park aficionados.