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Two Times headline tweaks, softening the political impact of the modular tower plan

It's not uncommon that newspapers publish articles with web headlines that differ from headlines that appear in print, given the constraints of the latter.

And it's not uncommon, given the fluid world of web-first publishing, the web headlines change as well.

Still, it's worth pointing out the apparent softening of provisional New York Times headlines over the past two days.

Union concerns not played up

As I wrote March 17, the article headlined in print as "Atlantic Yards Plans to Build Tallest Prefab," and online as Prefabricated Tower May Rise at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards, at point had a different web headline, with a tougher slant: "In Brooklyn, a Prefabricated Tower May Anger Unions."

In other words, the story tilted from an emphasis on the political context of the decision to a more gee-whiz approach to technology.

The article yesterday, headlined online as With Federal Case and Modular Building Plan, New Attention for Atlantic Yards Project, and with a similar headline in print, at one point was headlined online as "Atlantic Yards Developer Draws Criticism from Unions," as the screenshot indicates.

As it happens, the union angle wasn't the main thrust of the piece, which was a (somewhat wimpy) round-up. But was there more criticism from unions that ultimately didn't appear?

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