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Post: Backlash from Prospect Park Alliance toward FCR's Bender over fundraising conversation with Kruger

You'd think that the Prospect Park Alliance, a group of civic-minded folk raising money for a beloved resource, might be a little peeved at being caught up in some apparently sleazy politics, and at least a few are.

In Prospect Park group rage at 'Kruger' exec, the New York Post reports:
A top Atlantic Yards executive who requested state funds for Prospect Park's skating rink from embattled state Sen. Carl Kruger was never asked to do so by the park's fund-raising group -- and now park advocates are furious at being linked to the corruption scandal, sources told The Post.

"He has dragged our name through the mud," fumed a Prospect Park Alliance source about Forest City Ratner Vice President Bruce Bender, whose conversation with Kruger was featured in a federal criminal complaint against the Brooklyn Democrat.
Bender's wife is on the board of the Prospect Park Alliance.

Did the group get the $4.5 million promised? Apparently not, according to the Post:
A Prospect Park Alliance spokesman said the group never got the money, and another official there said they doubt it ever will.