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Will there be bollards (and how big)? Security questions regarding arena still unanswered

Last July, when Forest City Ratner's MaryAnne Gilmartin was asked about security plans for the Atlantic Yards arena, she indicated a review was forthcoming.

Her response: "As the design is not complete yet, that review will take place obviously before the closing, but we're in constant contact with the city and expect to see the police department about the changes in design in the fall."

Well, the master closing took place last month, so presumably that review has taken place. But when the Brooklyn Paper asked the Empire State Development Corporation if bollards were planned along the lines of the recent installation outside Atlantic Terminal--an increase in size from initial plans--the ESDC wouldn't provide any details.

In the Huffington Post, Daniel Goldstein (of DDDB) and Alan Rosner raise questions and concerns raised about security that have drawn public responses. They conclude with a recommendation for Governor David Paterson:
What he needs do is direct his own State Office of Homeland Security to conduct a full study once complete plans are made available but before irreversible construction starts. Right now the only security plan that exists for the arena is a five-inch curb and some cameras to take pictures with.