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ESDC will make master closing documents available beginning Monday, but only if you visit their offices

In December, I was told by the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) that it might take a week or two after the December 23 master closing before the master closing documents were released.

More than two weeks ago I was told that the documents would be made available "in the next few weeks."

In court Tuesday on the case challenging the ESDC's 2009 approval of Atlantic Yards, a lawyer for the ESDC pointed to a development agreement signed as part of the master closing, though he acknowledged it was not part of the case record.

And Jeff Baker, attorney for the coalition led by Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, questioned whether the development agreement actually covered Phase 2 of the project rather than just the arena and arena block.

So what's in there? We may soon find out, as the ESDC next week will provide in-person access to hard-copy documents--not the easiest task for those who don't have the time or mobility to go to ESDC offices.

ESDC announcement

Starting this Monday, January 25, the public will have access to most of the Atlantic Yards Master Closing documents.

Some documents may contain proprietary information, and ESDC is reviewing those documents currently to determine what redactions, if any, are required.

The following guidelines have been set primarily because of the voluminous nature of the documents.

1. Please email me to make an appointment
2. Individuals will be supervised during their visit, though their time will be unrestricted
3. Individuals may select documents to be copied for a fee of .25 per page

Please bear in mind that many of the signed documents are in escrow, so some documents available will be conformed, i.e., they are exact copies of the executed documents without signature pages.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Downstate Director, Public Affairs


  1. do you need any money to raise funds for copying pages? i'd gladly donate, and i'm sure others would as well.

  2. Thanks for the offer, but I can manage.


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