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Community cohesion? Plan to offer reversible jerseys irks Nets fans

The long goodbye to New Jersey for the Nets, at least two more seasons (and likely three, and perhaps never), is continuing to take its toll, as the Brett Yormark-led front-office comes up with ever-more creative promotions that distance the team from its home state.

The team's new inducement to fans--buy a couple of ten-game packages and get reversible jerseys with opposing teams' stars (plus four weeks of the NY Post!)--is generating much derision.

From Deadspin:
It's an interesting proposition. The Nets are essentially saying to fans, if you want these sought-after replica jerseys, you're going to have to take our team's stuff with them. But there's a fatal flaw: no one will ever wear them as Nets stuff except on laundry day.

Remember, sports economist (and former Forest CIty Ratner consultant) Andrew Zimbalist told the New Yorker earlier this month that a reason to build a stadium is "because you think a team will provide a source of cohesion, identity, wholesome family entertainment."

From NetsDaily

Some comments from NetsDaily:
I put a lot of time and energy into being a Nets fan over the years. A lot of people know that.
If anyone from the Nets organization comes across this, just know that I view this promotion as completely unacceptable and a direct betrayal of anyone who cares at all about the Nets.

Here’s a promotion. You pay for five victories! You get to go to as many games until they win five of them! That might motivate Kiki and Rod to get some players and not “sacrifice wins” for developing youth.

I have bent over backwards defending and trying to see the “positive” in ownerships recent moves and non-moves. But this “marketing ploy” borders on insanity. You don’t know if you should laugh or cry.

I am a full season ticket holder, and unlike most of the people on this board, I generally keep a positive outlook on the decisions the team makes. But even I think this is a bad idea.


  1. For loyal fans of sports teams, in the end, what matters is the uniform, not who is in it.

    This is Yormark saying screw that the jersey doesn't matter, wear any jersey. One wonders if does actually understand his client.


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