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Brooklyn Paper, Courier-Life synergy (and more) leads to

First came the occasional appearance of articles by Courier-Life writers in the Brooklyn Paper, and [correction: apparently not] vice versa. Now comes more synergy.

From the Brooklyn Paper:
Local political junkies finally have a place to call their own on the Web.

On Friday, the Community Newspaper Group — of which this newspaper is a part — will launch, the Internet’s only Web site devoted solely to politics, elections, issues and races in Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens.

Notably, the web site seems based on the Brooklyn Paper's modern web design, rather than the Courier-Life's less successful

As for "devoted," let's say that's a work in progress. Coverage, for example, of the 35th District campaign seems quit thin, given that only one article, from the Brooklyn Paper, is included. I know there are articles from the Courier-Life, but apparently they haven't yet been added.

Also, the repackaging of content has its flaws. For example, an article on the web site about Senator Chuck Schumer's endorsement of Steve Levin in the 33rd Council District race has none of the comments, critical and supportive, attached to the original article on the Brooklyn Paper's web site.


  1. Have you seen any Brooklyn Paper reporters' stories in Courier-Life publications? I have not.

    Also, is merely an aggregation of all the political coverage of the 30 newspapers in the Community Newspaper Group. I hardly see how such a service — one stop shopping for all your local political races — is somehow a sinister form of "synergy."

    The Brooklyn Paper

  2. If no BP writers' stories have appeared in the C-L, then I stand corrected, and apologize. It certainly has gone the other way.

    Synergy is not necessarily sinister, but it does imply a pooling of goals and resources--witness how both the BP and C-L now distribute the Brooklyn Tomorrow real estate supplement, as well as weekly coupons.


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