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The Post notices that the Brooklyn arena couldn't be open until the 2012-13 season

I've been encouraging everyone to do the math about the best-case arena opening. Now there's finally a mainstream media acknowledgment, albeit online and somewhat in passing, that the earliest Brooklyn basketball season would be 2012-13, not 2011-12.

The observation came from an unbylined "web editor" writing in a New York Post sports blog, The Back Page, about the prospects for Cleveland superstar LeBron James moving to the Nets:
Less than a month ago, Ratner told The Post that groundbreaking would take place in September and the Nets could play in Brooklyn by the 2011-12 season.

Now, the timetable for the project's completion is 24-29 months, down from the 30 months predicted for the Gehry project. So the Nets would be in a new Brooklyn arena for the start of the 2012-13 season.

Would James play in New Jersey for one season before crossing the river to open the new place? Maybe.

Would he play in New Jersey for the rest of his career? No way.


  1. for the START of the season.

    Let me help you...with relevant examples.

    Prudential Center, Newark, took 24 months and two weeks. The Rock is the best comparison. Why, because it is the most recent arena constructed in the New York metropolitan area.

    Sprint Center, Kansas City, took 28 months, 5 days. The second best comparison. Why, because it is the most recent Ellerbe Becket arena design.

  2. Let me help the pseudonymously chicken Bobbo.

    Season ticket holders don't like moving in the middle of the season.

    Construction, according to the Empire State Development Corporation, will start at the *end* of the year.

    Add 26 months (averaging Newark and KC, which is generous) and we're talking March.

    The arena site in Newark is less complicated than the arena site in Brooklyn.

  3. Sure, they're going to move at mid-season. That ought to make first-half, IZOD Center pre-move ticket sales really brisk.

    In your haste to defend Atlantic Yards at every turn, you sure do churn out the nonsense, Mr. Bobbo -- if that's your real name.

  4. Why would Bobbo would just whip out some stats so that he could get cut down by the Mad O?

  5. Bobbo should sign his name as Bob Windrem.


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