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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Crain's: blame Amanda Burden for the leaked "hangar" renderings

From Crain's Insider, under the headline Fixing Atlantic Yards:
Forest City Ratner is hoping changes to its Brooklyn basketball arena will stop people from likening it to an airplane hangar. Renderings were leaked—by Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden, sources say—prompting ridicule. But the leak was early enough to allow time to amend the design. Forest City needs to break ground this year.

The leak was early enough? That sounds like Joe DePlasco-esque spin. The leak was not early enough to allow time to get a new design in the revised documents issued this week by the Empire State Development Corporation.

But yes, there's always time to tweak.

As for the leak, yes, I'd heard the same rumor. But sometimes I'm more reticent about rumors than the MSM.

James loses labor endorsement

Crain's also reports:
The Central Labor Council, a politically influential coalition of labor unions, left 10 Democratic City Council members off its list of endorsements this week. Thirty-three were endorsed without going through the formal interview process... [Council Member Letitia] James opposes Atlantic Yards.... [which] will create union jobs.

Still, Crain's does not count James in the category of the unendorsed incumbents appearing vulnerable to defeat in September