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NBA's Stern asserts groundbreaking this summer, but he didn't check with the ESDC

From the Newark Star-Ledger:
[NBA Commissioner David] Stern was confident the Nets' Brooklyn relocation project, the future of which has been in doubt, would break ground this summer. "Yes, they will, I'm told," he said. "I'm sure."

Well, he's probably been listening to Nets CEO Brett Yormark, whose track record is not so good.

Empire State Development Corporation CEO recently said that the project would generate "a substantial number of construction jobs - commencing in 2010," which I interpret as an acknowledgment that groundbreaking--at least other than purely symbolic--wouldn't happen until next year in the best-case scenario.

The article's headline was "NBA commissioner David Stern confident New Jersey Nets will break ground this summer in Brooklyn."

Couldn't that have been rewritten to say "NBA commissioner David Stern, avoiding independent analysis, claims New Jersey Nets will break ground this summer in Brooklyn"?


  1. It's no longer called 'the newark star-ledger'. The name was changed to 'the star-ledger' years ago.

    Not surprising, since the paper has long been anti-newark and anti-new jersey.

    I suspect this is due to the new york city roots of the newhouse family, which owns the paper. Like many other new yorkers, they seem to hate new jersey with a passion.

    Notice how the reporter, jenny vrentas, accepts stern's comment at face value, without any reference to opposing timelines, such as the one suggested by esdc ceo marisa lago.

    Ms. Vrentas could have at least mentioned all the previous failed timelines of ratner and stern.

    But as i noted above, this type of "reporting" is not at all unusual for the jersey-hating star-ledger.


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