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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Mayor's Office: maybe two new schools if AY is built, no to a new 78th Precinct stationhouse

The Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget, in budget documents (PDF) released Friday, revealed a couple of Capital Budget Priorities and Requests related to Atlantic Yards.

In neither case does the city appear willing to commit more resources, stating that it would try to build more schools, should AY be built, with existing funds, and would not try to construct a new 78th Precinct stationhouse, despite the impact of an arena that would be built a block away.

In the map, the arena would be the larger circle, while the stationhouse is the smaller circle. Note that, while it looks like the 78th Precinct stationhouse is located in the 77th Precinct, according to this map adapted from the Empire State Development Corporation's Blight Study, there's actually a carve-out for the stationhouse to keep it in the 78th.

But the map (click to enlarge) clearly shows how the stationhouse is at the end of the district it serves. Each district has several sectors.

From Community Board 6

Request: Relocation and construction of a new 78th Precinct stationhouse

Explanation: Sufficient funds are requested for the relocation and construction of a brand new stationhouse for the 78th Precinct given the impact that will result from the Brooklyn Arena/Atlantic Yards Development project to be constructed around the corner from the existing facility. Access and mobility will be impeded and compromised from the additional volumes of traffic to be attracted to the area. Site search for available property should begin in the vicinity of Union Street and 4th Avenue, which would be the most strategic location for a new precinct to ensure prompt and timely response, excellent access to public transportation, and minimal impact on existing residential community.

Responsible Agency: Police Department

Supported by: Park Slope Civic Council

Executive Budget Response: OMB supports the agency's position as follows: Over the course of several years, the NYPD has made several large-scale improvements to the command, making it a viable facility for the foreseeable future. Funding constraints preclude the advancement of the project at this time.

From Community Board 2

Request: (If Atlantic Yards is built) Construct new elementary and intermediate schools to accommodate the increase in student population.

Responsible Agency: Department of Education

Executive Budget Response: The agency will try to accommodate this issue within existing resources. OMB supports the agency's position.